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VPAP Auto with Easy-Breathe...the next level in bilevel VPAP™ Auto is a compact bilevel device designed to deliver effective therapy as naturally and comfortably as possible. VPAP Auto combines the clinically proven AutoSet™ algorithm with the supreme comfort of Easy-Breathe™ technology. VPAP™ Auto - features and benefits quiet comfort VPAP Auto offers nearly silent therapy and greater pressure stability so patients sleep comfortably throughout the night. Easy-Breathe™ VPAP Auto uses the smooth pressure delivery of the VPAP Adapt SV™ and synchronizes with the patient’s normal respiration so that breathing feels more natural and comfortable. ResMed’s Easy-Breathe pressure profile is more natural and comfortable than the traditional square bilevel waveform. Like natural breathing, VPAP Auto fills the lungs gradually, leaving patients relaxed. Proven technology with ResMed’s clinically proven AutoSet™ algorithm, VPAP Auto is able to detect flow limitation and act preemptively to prevent apnea and snoring events. AutoSet technology controls VPAP Auto’s bilevel treatment pressures with established minimum and maximum pressure limits. Modes & Compatibility Equipped with three modes (VAuto, S and CPAP), VPAP Auto is the most versatile device available and is compatible with the S8 ResLink™, HumidAire 3i™, ResScan™, S8 ResTraxx™ and ResControl II™.

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