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Fitting and Caring for the Equipment and Supplies We Sell

Goshen Home Medical is much more than a place to buy home medical equipment. The trained and caring people at Goshen Home Medical are here to assist. Whether it's your first visit or phone call to and or years of receiving services, we are here to help you meet your health goals.

Goshen Home Medical Services Include:

Stair Lifts and Vehicle Lifts for Greater Safety and Independence

Goshen Home Medical wants you to live as independently and safely as possible, so we offer the sales and installation of stair lifts and vehicle lifts.

Stair lifts can be installed for indoor and outdoor stairs to make getting up and down stairs safer and allowing the homeowner to have greater access to different parts of the home they may have given up using. Our stair lifts are quiet and easy to operate.

If you or a loved one uses a mobility scooter to get around, having a vehicle lift installed on your vehicle by Goshen Home Medical will allow you to easily load and transport your mobility scooter wherever you want to go safely and easily.

Tell us what you need and our experts will help you find a lift solution for you.

Questions? You can call us at 574-533-0626 or or visit our showroom.  Visit the Goshen Home Medical online catalog to see more products and what we offer.